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Customer Care Policy

All employees must adhere to the following customer care policy:

  • All personal employed by Waterford Insulation must treat all customers with courtesy & respect.
  • Employees must carry a form of photographic identification. When meeting a customer for the first time, introduce yourself immediately in a clear concise manner. A Company ID Card must be displayed for the customer to inspect.
  • While in the presence of customers and the general public all employees are to behave in a polite and respectful manner. All employees must maintain a professional appearance and professional attitude to the Customer at all times.
  • It is considered inappropriate to raise your voice or shout at a customer, to make excessive noise, play loud music, be over familiar or insult the customer in any way.
  • All employees are to be considerate to a customer’s situation. For example where a person might have difficulty completing a form they might like the form to be left with them so that they seek assistance from a family member. In so far as possible all employees are to be informative in their dealings with Customers.
  • All employees are to be respectful of client and public property. All employees are to alert customer that they are entering their property and to obtain permission to use their facilities if the need arises. Always outline fully and clearly to the customer if you wish to enter or gain access to other parts of the house to complete the work fully.
  • Employees are to consider the Health and Safety of the customers when working on site.
  • Employees are to be presentable to the customer and that all employees are wearing Personal Protective Equipment and that all our equipment is clean and all health and safety stickers are displayed and legible.
  • Punctuality is of the utmost importance. Always be on site at the time arranged. If unforeseen circumstances arise always ensure to call and inform the customer immediately. Make another appointment that suits the client’s needs.
  • Employees may be required to deal with vulnerable homes, or homes prone to being taken advantage of. Waterford Insulation will in so far as possible train employees to deal with vulnerable homes and the full implications of the works proposed and give appropriate information.

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