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Grants - Better Energy Homes Scheme

What is the Better Energy Homes Scheme?

The Better Energy Homes Scheme provides grants to homeowners who are interested in improving the energy efficiency of their home in order to reduce energy use and costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions. The scheme is open to all owners of existing houses built before 2006. Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland administers the scheme.

Who can avail of the scheme

It is a nationwide scheme and therefore all homeowners of dwellings built before 2006 may apply. Landlords and owners of multiple properties may also apply. A separate application is required for each property.

Grants are available to eligible applicants for undertaking the following works, in accordance with the requirements contractor Code of Practice Technical Specification.

Energy Efficient WorksIncentive
CashGrant Value*
InsulationAttic Insulation€200
Wall Insulation - Cavity€250
Wall Insulation - External€ 3,600[Max]
Wall Insulation - Internal Dry Lining€1,800[Max]
Heating SystemHigh Efficiency Oil / Gas Boiler with Controls upgrade.€560
Heating Controls Upgrade only€400
Solar Heating€800
Building Energy Rating (BER)€50

*Cash Grants are set value unless expenditure is below the set value, in which case the actual expenditure will be reimbursed.

**A Building Energy Rating (BER) is an integral part of all grant applications under the BEHS scheme, whereby homeowners must undertake a BER on their home after grant aided works have been completed. A homeowner is entitled to BER funding of €80 once per home. This funding will be applied to your grant application automatically provided you have never applied previously for BER funding. You will be informed during the online grant application process if BER funding is available for your home or as part of your Letter of Grant Offer if you have applied through the post.

Please note the minimum grant amount for the first application must be €400. A BER grant, where applicable, does not count towards the €400 minimum.

Grants are claimed after the measures are completed and the contractor has been paid by or entered a financing agreement with the homeowner.

There are 3 methods to apply for a Better Energy scheme grant

  • Enprova System - Allows the applicant to pay Waterford Insulation the balance payable less the grant amount. Application is done online and response is immediate. Contact Waterford Insulation for more details »
  • OnlineResponse within 3 working days
  • Application Form by PostResponse within 20 working days

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