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External Wall Insulation

Waterford External Wall Insulation We lose 25% of our heat through the walls of our homes. With Winters getting increasingly cold (and Summers too!) and energy bills rising, it's little wonder that external wall insulation is becoming increasingly popular. Now there is a government grant of €4000 for homeowners who get the exterior of their home insulated.

By insulating from the outside thermal bridges are reduced and the entire building structure is protected from the cold and wet weather.

External insulation involves fixing insulation materials such as expanded polystyrene slabs to the outer surface of the wall. This insulation is covered with a special cement-based render to provide weather resistance. A steel or fibreglass mesh is embedded in this render to provide strength and impact resistance. A thin layer of insulation may be applied around the edges of window and door openings to minimise thermal bridging.

Waterford External Wall Insulation Whether it is a new building or a renovation, individual houses, industrial or commercial buildings, the facades give each building its own identity. In the area of renovation of old buildings the facade profiles allow you to reproduce existing forms at a very reasonable price. Older classic style facades in particular are constantly exposed to the elements. Stone exteriors do not resist elements externally and it is virtually impossible to restore them once they have been damaged.

Save Money!

Add Value!

  • Your home will have a better Building Energy Rating (BER)
  • A warmer home - external insulation provided by Weber and Kore

Why Choose External Wall Insulation?

  • NSAI-approved system
  • Fastest installation on the market so less inconvenience to you
  • Huge choice of colours and finishes

So if you are thinking about having your external walls insulated, talk to us first. Call our expert team on 051 355000.

Invest in your home insulation and save money

Insulation is one of the best investments that an individual could make in their property.

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