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Building Energy Rating (BER)

Building Energy Rating Ireland provide quality assured Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificates. Our team consists of qualified assessors and consultants with both academic and practical structural experience. We offer an independent and high quality service with on-going back-up support to our clients. Our assessors have undergone one of the most rigorous training programmes in the marketplace through the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Energy is vital to nearly all aspects of our daily lives - but we rarely stop to think about how or why we use it. As the price of energy continues to rise, now is the ideal time to consider what you can do to be more energy efficient. The good news is that there are many simple ways to use energy more efficiently that will save money and benefit the environment.

Effect BER has on the property market

We recognise the increasing importance of energy efficiency in our changing property market and can advise our clients on how to improve their BER rating and hence increase the value of their property.

A BER can be used as a comparative tool for someone looking to make a purchasing/rental decision.

The BER of a property gives an indication as to the energy performance of the property. So if you are trying to decide between two similar property types, both in terms of price and size, the energy rating may be the decisive factor.

For example if one property has a rating of a B3 while another had a rating of a C3, it follows logically that the B3 will be cheaper to run and therefore may well influence the final decision. The rating effectively means that now there is another tool to aid the prospective purchaser/tenant in their decision making process, rather than simply relying on the cost/rental price.

This clearly provides benefits to the consumer

What is it?

A Building Energy Rating is a label, not unlike the efficiency rating given to white goods such as fridges, freezers, and washing machines. The label indicates the energy rating of a property. The rating is expressed in the form of performance bands, 'A' being the most energy efficient to 'G' being the least energy efficient. It will tell you how efficient your house or development is in terms of energy efficiency while also illustrating how much carbon the dwelling will contribute.

Tips on what to do to improve your BER before your assessor arrives:

  • Install energy saving or CFL Bulbs
  • Switch to controllable wall vents
  • Fit TRV's on your radiators
  • Upgrade draught stripping on doors and windows if required
  • Insulate primary pipe work
  • Insulate hot water cylinder (lagging jacket)
  • Keep receipts/certificates of improvements made

Can I get an Energy assessment done on my home even if I don't need it by law?

Yes you may get a BER assessment done for your dwelling to ascertain the energy rating it would achieve.

It will provide you with some useful information that could in turn be used to save energy consumption of your house resulting in lower energy bills.

How much does this cost?

Typically BER Services will charge between €100 and €300 for a BER including VAT.

Cost may vary depending on whether the building is new or existing, and according to building size and complexity.

Developers who may have a number of domestic/residential units which require BER assessment should contact us for a competitive quote.

BERI are National Registered assessors, providing independent advice on all your energy needs.

For more information regarding a BER please feel free to contact us.

You should know

A BER is valid for 10 years provided that there is no material change to the dwelling that could affect its energy performance. The maximum term of validity of a Provisional BER is 2 years.

BERI Ireland will advise you on the factors that most influence your Building Energy Rating and assist you in achieving your target BER.

Factors that contribute to energy efficiency:

  • Materials used for construction of the dwelling.
  • Thermal insulation of the building fabric.
  • Ventilation characteristics of the dwelling.
  • Efficiency and control of the heating system.
  • Solar gains through openings.
  • Energy required for space and water heating, ventilation and lighting.
  • Renewable energy technologies.

EU Member States shall ensure that,
when buildings are constructed, sold
or rented out, an energy performance certificate is made available to the 
owner or by the owner to the prospective buyer or tenant, as the 
case might be. The validity of the certificate shall not exceed 10 years.

Invest in your home insulation and save money

Insulation is one of the best investments that an individual could make in their property.

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