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Optimum and Partial Solutions

The Contractor must ensure that, in the case of insulation, an optimal whole-element solution is provided e.g. when dealing with walls that this comprises Internal insulation of all exposed walls or External Insulation of all exposed walls; and in the case of roof / attics that this comprises insulation of the whole surface of the ceiling / roof-space as appropriate. Where only part-element coverage is achieved, this must be detailed in the Declaration of Works and the Contractor should inform their client that this may impact on their ability to draw down support from the Scheme. Affordability may be a consideration in the identification of the most appropriate measure for the homeowner, for example the selection of blown cavity vs external cladding.

Partial solutions are only acceptable in exceptional cases where it is not “physically or economically possible” to provide a whole-element solution. For example it may not be physically possible to provide complete roof insulation coverage due to small inaccessible areas of the roof. Likewise the idea of internally dry-lining all exposed walls in a particular dwelling may become economically unviable where it would require kitchen units to be removed. Justification for these exceptional partial solutions must be given in the Declaration of Works.

It is important to emphasise the difference between affordability and economic viability. Where homeowners indicate that they cannot afford to do the whole element, this does not diminish the economic viability of the project and so this is not an acceptable reason to do a partial solution.

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