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Grants - Before commencing

Before commencing application please have the following information available to hand:

  • Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN). This number appears on your electricity bill, and is 11 digits long.
  • The year in which your house was built (must be prior to 2006).
  • The particular measures which you wish to undertake as part of the Better Energy scheme
  • You should have already selected an SEAI registered Contractor as you will need to know their name, address and SEAI registered number
  • Your bank details i.e. bank name, bank account name, bank account number and sort code. (Please note that currently we cannot process payments to Credit Union accounts.)
  • For an online application you will need an email address. In the instance where perhaps you don’t have a personal e-mail address please ask a relative or trusted close friend for use of their e-mail address. You must be able to receive e-mails at this address in order to accept the grant offer. Failure to accept the offer will result in the offer lapsing.

(NOTE: It is very important that neither a Contractor nor an Assessor applies on your behalf as this contravenes the terms and conditions of their registration.)

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