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Insulation is one of the best investments that an individual could make in their property. With this in mind Waterford Insulation was formed in 2000. Waterford Insulation was established to service the growing needs of construction industry in the South East of Ireland. The company benefits from the availability of a civil engineer & BER Assessors who are on hand to answer any questions that a client may have and to identify the best products for a project. Waterford Insulation services the needs of the construction industry and the private residential market, who simply want to capitalize on the efficiencies to be made in upgrading the insulation in their homes. Over 10,000 commercial, industrial and residential units have benefited from their expertise. The company provide a wide range of services including Bonded Bead Cavity Wall Insulation, Attic Insulation, Internal Insulation, External Insulation, Pipe Insulation, Draughtproofing, Plumbing & Renewables, Building Energy Rating Certificates, Acoustic Insulation, Radon Barrier.

Waterford Insulation is currently a contractor on Phase 3 & Phase 4 of the Warmer Home Scheme plus under Lot A, B & C and we were also Lot B subcontractor on Phase 1 & Phase 2. To date we have complete over 650 WHS projects including Dry-lining, external wall insulation, cavity wall insulation and attic insulation & plumbing measures.

Warmer Homes Scheme

This scheme is targeted at low-income households. This approach is founded on a social employment delivery model. This model engages regional community based organisations to acquire and apply the skills to carry out the work – which includes attic insulation, draught proofing, lagging jackets, energy efficient lighting, cavity wall insulation and energy advice. Homes occupied by people on employment benefit, Disability benefit and on pensions can apply under the Warmer Homes Scheme.

Better Energy Homes Scheme

The Better Energy Homes Saving (BEHS) scheme provides assistance to homeowners who are interested in improving the energy efficiency of their home in order to reduce energy use and costs and greenhouse gas emissions. It is a national scheme and thus open to all owners of existing houses. The scheme is administered by Sustainable Energy Ireland and its agents. Open to all contractors to compete for the work on a level playing field.

Invest in your home insulation and save money

Insulation is one of the best investments that an individual could make in their property.

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